Stone Mother Tongue
by Annamaria Weldon

Release in October 2018
The University of Western Australia Publishing

“Malta—‘a slight blemish on the sea’s glaze’—forms the beating heart of Stone Mother Tongue, poems fired into existence by Annamaria Weldon’s experience of clambering over temples and monuments built by her ancestors. Now part of her psyche, they are melded with a wider experience of Australia as an ancient land. For Weldon, life is ‘all context and erasure’. When she writes of the masons knowing ‘which prayers to chant while hammering’, her poems entwine the land with a human history many thousands of years in the making.”

- Kevin Brophy

“Meditative, delicate and restrained, these poems are nonetheless full of vivid realities: the ‘undersong’ of womanhood, family, loss, carob trees, wild rosemary, figs, geckoes, mother’s milk – and psychotropic chickpeas. Delving into her Maltese heritage, Annamaria Weldon shows us how the migrant’s encounter with Australia provokes a reinterpretation of ‘home’, a grappling with place of origin.”

- Tracy Ryan

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The Lake's Apprentice
by Annamaria Weldon

Release in April 2014
The University of Western Australia Publishing

“This is an act of pilgrimage in writing: Annamaria Weldon seeks, and finds; she advances with tact and attention, she gives her readers the gift of seeing landscape with new eyes.”

Nicolas Rothwell, cover comment The Lake’s Apprentice

“This kind of writing – the fruit of real contemplation, informed by a wide range of ideas, respectful of the reader’s intellect and imagination, driven by an empirical sensibility – is, for me, where the best “nature writing” is to be found.”

Barry Lopez, on reading The Lake’s Apprentice